Use Cases

If you are using SSDB in production, please send me a email(, I would like to add you to the user list below. Please provide informations as below:

QIHU 360 Online Game

QIHU 360 Online Game is the first major user of SSDB. Whenever a user logs in the website, join a game, a pop message is received, SSDB queries are executed. QIHU 360 Online Game serves hundreds of millions of users, millions active per day.

QIHU migrated its Redis instances to SSDB, and it uses less servers for storage now.


SSDB runs as cache server in


Demai is business social tool on mobile platform.


TOPGAME is an industry leading mobile casual games developer. TOPGAME stores game combat statistics, players' logs, player archievements in SSDB.


Baidu uses SSDB for their most important service - Web Search.


Mobvista is a leading mobile ad platform that helps to monetize your traffic inventory and distribute your mobile applications.

Mobvista stores advertisement data in SSDB, the serve realtime queries.


Autohome Inc. is the leading online destination for automobile consumers in China.

SSDB runs as cache server in Autohome website, storing 100+GB cached data.

BYD Auto

BYD Auto is a Chinese automobile manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China.

BYD chooses SSDB to store time based data(weather, traffic, hazardous situations, etc.) continuously generated by vehicles, analyzes and generates reports out from SSDB.


iReader is a very popular e-book reader app on mobile devices. iReader stores book readers in SSDB.


Fever38 is one of top 100 website in Taiwan district, it helps customers to promote their brands on Facebook. Fever38 uses SSDB as cache server.

ZTO Express

ZTO Express is one of the most influential express logistics company in China. ZTO stores billions of deliveries in SSDB server. SSDB supports ZTO's delivery distribution and other important operations. uses SSDB to store sessions and application data, such as activities, user list, etc.

ZUIYOUDAI is a online finance service platform. Is uses SSDB to store business data, logs, and cache data. the largest online direct sales company in China in terms of transaction volume with a market share in China. uses SSDB in many online services.


Duoshuo is the No. 1 comment hosting service in China. Duoshuo stores data about commented objects in SSDB.


DNSPOD is China's biggest DNS service provider, it uses SSDB with offline log analytics.


Toutiao is an information recommend service based on Data Mining technology, it serves more than 90 million users. Toutiao uses SSDB on its most important online service.


3WMM is a Flash game website, 3wmm uses SSDB as cache service.

MengHuanShengXiao is an MMO game, it implements its battle system using SSDB as storage. Players' and pets' info are stored in SSDB, read or write directly everytime the game screen needs to show, or needs to save. is online music website, it stores albums and music meta data in SSDB database. a website about touring.


Kugou Music is a digital music provider in China. Kugou stores comments in SSDB database.

Sunshine Insurance

Sunshine Insurance uses SSDB database.


UnitedStack is the first Cloud Computing company using OpenStack. UnitedStack uses SSDB to store OpenStack monitoring data.

Panda TV

Panda TV is a Video Streaming website, they use SSDB to replace all Redis servers.


zbird is a diamond B2C platform in China, it uses SSDB to store product list, and as cache server. SSDB highly improve its web site's performance, now it serves requests in ms level.


DingDangCar a China car-service information and socializing online service, it uses SSDB to store feed data, co-operated with icomet, it provides feed push service.


ChangBa ChangBa uses SSDB to store billions of comments.


7Po app market is an app market for TV box, it uses SSDB as its primary database.

Xunlei Live

Xunlei Live is a video streaming app, which focus on compus.


GuangZhou YEAHWORLD, is a game development company aims to develop games to amuse people. It uses SSDB to store images, chat history, user sessions and user profiles in hashmaps.


Youmi is the one of the pioneers of mobile Ad Network platform in China. Youmi uses SSDB in it's DSP+Ad Network, to store realtime Ad sessions for Real Time Bidding.

YY 直播

YY Live is one of the most popular online video platforms. SSDB is widely used in YY.


YunCaiJing provides stock market information and data mining technology. It uses SSDB to store realtime market data.


WakaTime is a dashboard for developers, using open source IDE plugins. Using a 500GB SSDB instance to cache reads from a multi-terabyte AWS S3 bucket. Article